The tendency to minimise the expense of phone line rental as well as the low call rates of VoIP services is an attractive long term prospect for many small business owners, but to make certain you’re able to utilize such a service, a structured network is crucial. Once installed, you won’t have to worry about it for another ten or more years.

It provides you with the additional advantage of centralising your other network devices such as your PC, server, printers and all other network devices. Because most new products depend on internet connectivity, you’ll be prepared for any future needs.

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Thinking about getting a VoIP phone system solution? In case you’ve been using your previous telephone cabling sockets to your traditional PBX, then you’ll have to upgrade your network cabling infrastructure into a CAT5e or CAT6 alternative.

The handsets that are used on a VoIP system are similar to your PC, they also rely on being linked to a IP network. They have an IP address of their own and will be dealing with high speed voice data packets being moved back and forth through the network.

To ensure that there are no difficulties with workouts and stuttered speech, it is crucial to install a structured cabling system that could accommodate the bandwidth needs of each user on the system.