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PBY Telecom is fully licensed, insured, trained and highly skilled when it comes to your phone and internet needs.

100% Satisfaction

Our goal is to ensure every customer is 100% satisfied with the willingness to recommend us to your family, friends and business counterparts.

12 Years of Experience

Licensed technicians with 12 of experience that will get you up and running quickly and for a fair price.

We Work With Big Telcos and The Following Suppliers

We work with customers of Telstra’s products and services, Optus, TPG, iiNet, Dodo, iPrimus and many more.

About PBY Telecom

We are a telecommunication service provider. PBY Telecom supply, install and maintain business telephone systems, from small analogue systems to large digital hybrid IP PBX systems. We service both residential and business customers, we specialise in phone line repairs and installation needs.
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About PBY Telecom

Trusted Brands We Work With The Most Include

We work with your telco service provider to ensure a smooth install every time.

Our Services

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Phone Line Installation

Do you require commercial & residential phone point cabling installation? Our licensed telephone technician will install your new phone lines according to the guidelines specified under the ACMA.

Central Splitter Installation

The benefits of getting a central splitter/filter installed configured to your home or business wiring, is that it will improve your internet connection and prevent faults on your home phone or internet service.

ADSL/ Internet Repairs

Internet repair technicians for VDSL, ADSL & NBN all Sydney areas. Speed up your slow ADSL or Cable broadband internet connections, fault detection including Voice and Data cabling installation.

Data Cabling Installation

Commercial & residential data point cabling installation. We can provide an array of ethernet data cabling services that include installation of new cabling home of office.

Data Cabling Repair

At PBY Telecom we strive to provide what our customers with what they need and therefore provide services in the various aspects of the telephone, data cabling repairs or installations.

VoIP Systems

PBY Telecom offers everything a small business would want in a phone system.

Network Installation

We offer cable system design, installation, and integration services over the spectrum of voice, data, electronic safety & security, and audio & video technologies.

Landline Repair

We Install – Broadband, fax & telephone extensions anywhere you choose. We Repair – Any type of problem such as broadband, fax & telephone line fault problems.

Internet Speed Test

PBY Telecom measures the speed between your computer and the Internet. It does not measure the speed between the Network Interface Device at your location and the Telecom Services network.

MDF Jumpering

PBY Telecom is a licensed cable & Registered Phone Technician Company, Specialist of MDF Jumpering for TPG, Internode, iiNet, Optus, Dodo.

Wifi Access Point

Each and every Telecom Services, from the humblest to the boldest, is packed with patented technologies that go beyond the everyday to ensure simply better connections and awesome user experiences.

Security Camera & CCTV Installation

We can tailor individual CCTV security camera systems to meet your specific security needs.

HFC Leading Installation

HFC Leading Installation and Maintenance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Repairs My Phone Line

If a telephone line is present in a property once I move in but does not work, should that be a problem my agent/the operator will sort out? I thought a phone line would be a minimal requirement in a rental house in Sydney NSW?” In regards to the rental telephone line…

We requested Operations Manager in Sydney Property Managers,for some guidance:

“If the telephone line does not work, it is categorized as a maintenance problem and is the duty of the landlord to categorize”.

“It is, however, important to be certain it is not a single account issue and your account was set up properly.”

Have a question you want to see answered here? Let us know!

What's The Average Cost For A Phone Line Repair?

Typical phone line repair costs in the marketplace for service range between $160-$350 based on common things like time and materials.

Cheapest isn’t always best when engaging a personal technician for a phone line or internet restoration. You’re best to go with a business upholding a reputation and expertise in the area.

The last thing you need to do is hire a el-cheapo technician to save a few dollars, after paying him and he has left your premises the ceremony goes back down, then you ring to complain and can’t get onto him again, leaving you in a position to folk out twice, by engaging a business that you need to have hired in the first location.

To give you an example on PBY Telecom’s standard Sydney pricing arrangement. We charge for a call out fee, which also contains our technicians time onsite for the whole 1 hour. Should we be needing more time to resolve your problem, we will always liaise with the client, ensuring that they are updated at each potential stage during the job.

As a rough guestimate, 90 percent or so of PBY Telecom’s fault projects have been completed over the 1-hour time period, as we attempt to minimize time onsite to save our clients money.

Happy customers are all in any service organization, and providing exceptional quality and workmanship closely follows. Transparency is key with any service pricing, as leaving a client stung with unforseen pricing, then advised to pay the bill is bad business practice, which many operators still use these strategies now.

If you’re searching for transparent pricing for telephone line repairs, contact our head office since we work in most Sydney suburbs We’re prepared to be of service to you. PBY Telecom will make sure to look after you.

Tell us your needs, or even in the event you’d prefer some helpful and free advice simply use our Contact Us form and we’ll touch base, alternatively you can book our phone line repair services online anytime.

My Phone Line To House Broken

One of the tough-to-troubleshoot flaws of a telephone line are when telephone socket corrosion is the matter. The issue with corrosion is it will result in varying performance using a greater quality of transmission at the same point and a deteriorating performance at another point in time. This is quite common in coastal areas, particularly around Sydney beaches such as Cronulla or  Manly beach, but it might escape the notice of an inexperienced tech.

Telecom professionals will have the ability to come down to this issue when they analyze the troubles your telephone line is demonstrating. Mounting of the telephone point must be carried out exactly in line with specifications to prevent the problems posed by telephone socket corrosion. Methods are available to take care of the issue of humidity.

However, when you’ve got a socket which has aged, it might have picked up some degree of rust that could be impacting with the transmission of this line. Replacing 605/610 type sockets with RJ11 or more commonly used RJ45 type sockets is suggested to remain in accordance with the growth of technology.

The newer phone point sockets have a greater resistance against corrosion and the majority of them are fitted with a protection piece that’s fitted throughout the krone jumper points onto the socket.

Other elements of looking up your relations for similar issues include assessing whether the modem is set for the perfect sort of technology, such as ADSL or ADSL 2+. All sockets will need to be scrutinized for complete and proper connections. Wiring inside the socket may have gotten somewhat cramped and run into each other causing an issue such as shorts or higher resistance.

Phone Line Repair Inside My House

In today’s ultra connected world, it is vital to be accessible at all times and if your telephone line is not working (or has not been set up ) then you will need a fast, easy and inexpensive solution. Fortunately for you, PBY Telecom is the best destination for many of your phone line setup and telephone repair in Sydney.

If you’re desperate to get a competent team to conduct a new phone ADSL point on your home or apartment, then we are here to help. Our experienced and highly skilled team support residential homes and apartments in every area of Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. It doesn’t matter if you reside in Sydney, Parramatta or Liverpool, we will provide you superior service each time at a cost that will not break the bank.

We can run new cable, fix existing cable, connect the new ADSL or telephone line and more. In case you have an apartment, our telephone line installation team can join, repair and install in the MDF (main distribution frame) found within the unit complicated. If you will need a telephone line in your kitchen, bedroom, hallway, study or even home office, we will try to do so as quickly and conveniently as possible. We have seen and worked on pretty much all sorts of odd or difficult installations, so you can be certain that our knowledge and experience will make light of any problems.

Perhaps your company needs a new phone socket? We know that time is money and you can not be addressing annoyance to you and your employees, and that’s why we conduct ourselves with the utmost professionalism. We are going to attend your premises at a time suitable to you and install/repair telephone lines according to the appropriate state guidelines.

Sound good? For your entire phone line repair or installation needs in Sydney, simply get in touch now!

Telstra Phone Line Damaged

I have a telephone  line with no signal between street  and my house and need some repair, is it possible to get someone to repair it ASAP!

After telephone line maintenance, the upcoming significant service largely in demand is telephone line maintenance. This service is largely given by telecom firms. These businesses take contract of care services. They operate on a project or period duration services. They accept payments to on the basis of the period like on a single year, 1 month or six months and so forth or according to the service requested by the customer. Telephone line maintenance includes services like telephone like repair to some extent like cuts in cable or cables, disconnection etc.

Old and Worn Wall Phone Points

The issue with legacy telephone point systems is they aren’t acceptable for high-speed transmissions. Despite the fact that you might have been chugging along on a legacy telephone point, it is going to cause a problem sooner or later. And, of course if you’re upgrading to a new ADSL service, you would have to get it replaced anyway.

The newer phone points have vastly-better engineering and materials and will offer stable performance with no issues.

With a certified telephone technician getting your setup is finished, you might want to ask them to get a whole phone line replacement or have them attend to every telephone socket and replace them , you never know it may wind up bumping your ADSL speed up and improving those odd dropouts. The newer style RJ 11 or RJ 45 phone points are also compatible with adapters so you can find any extensions carried out with no trouble. Filters would also have to be checked and replaced.

My Home Phone Isn’t Working, What Do I Do

Having a problem with your home phone line?

Following is a step-by-step procedure you can follow to efficiently determine what the issue is.

We recommend completing an easy Isolation Test. Please note, this procedure only applies to copper lines.

You’ll have to unplug all equipment from all of the phone sockets in the assumptions – such as handsets, line filters, modems, and faxes.

Once this is done, leave everything simmer for 5 minutes

After that, plug in a single CORDED handset in your phone socket. This is the ideal system to check if your phone lines are functioning correctly.

If you do not have a corded handset available, you may alternately examine your cordless handset on a working line, like a neighbour’s or a friend.

This process can help determine whether a problem exists inside your phone line or inside your gear.

Does your phone line work with a corded phone?

If this is the case, the gear is the issue and replacing it should fix your issue.

When an Isolation Test reveals your phone lines are not functioning correctly, you can lodge a Fault with us and we will work to get the problem sorted.

It is possible to lodge a Fault here. 

or try this forum

Lodging a fault will commence the process of having a tech find the source of the problem and solving it. It’s probably an appointment with a technician will be required, so one of our staff will be in contact with you to arrange a time which you may be home.

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