Central Splitter Installation

The benefits of getting a central splitter/filter installed configured to your home or business wiring, is that it will improve your internet connection and prevent faults on your home phone or internet service. Faulty lines arise from several factors, which include:

– tick Poor quality sockets, which are mainly the old rectangular yellow sockets which are used Australia wide. They are well known sources for ADSL signal problems.

– tick Poor quality cable installation practices. Many problems arise from cabling such as star wiring or interferences from electrical wiring. These primarily affect ADSL services and cause speed issues.

– tick Alarm systems that are connected to your phone line so that the in-coming line passes through your alarm panel before it reaches the phone or modem. This is a major cause for internet drop outs.

– An ADSL Central Filter simply filters the ADSL signal off the phone line as it enters your building and sends it down it’s own cable to a dedicated ADSL socket. Your ADSL signal then goes directly to the Central Filter and out to your service provider, so it no longer suffers any of the problems already mentioned.

– One of our licensed technicians will visit your premises and install the central splitter. These are usually installed externally, in the roof cavity or at your junction box.

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